Microalgae sensors and growth

BIOSENSOR has developed technologies for the growth of microalgae in the bioreactor and the control of its photosynthetic efficiency for the production of biomass, for in-line and laboratory analysis.

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SMAlgal Sens

Microalgae growth sensor is a small portable optical instrument, useful for characterizing various parameters of chlorophyll fluorescence emission and optical density of microalgae cultures.

Tested for Spirulina sp., Chlorella minutissima, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.

SMAlgal Sens can be connected directly with a by-pass to the growth bioreactor to monitor the culture conditions of the microalgae online.

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Fluo Biosens

A modular sensor, characterized by 6 independent cells to perform simultaneous fluorescence tests to determine photosynthetic efficiency and health status on different types of microalgae.

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Survival Sensor

The most original feature of the biosensor system is the ability to grow biological material and perform 'in situ' measurements.

The biological material (microalgae) is grown in a first compartment and then injected directly into the measuring chamber. This allows to keep the quantity of material constant for each measurement and to avoid the possibility of contamination that occurs during the transfer.

The sensor also provides for the possibility of temperature control and connection to a CO2 emitter for cell growth.

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Antiox Biosens

An electrochemical system based on molded electrodes that detects the antioxidant capacity of nutraceuticals (extracted from microalgae) based on the generation of lipid peroxides in the presence of peroxide radicals.

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