Sensors for the presence of gas

BIOSENSOR assembles and optimizes sensors for the rapid measurement of gas of interest in sensitive environments

Anthropogenic activities release increasingly quantities of substances in a deliberate or accidental manner into the atmosphere. Among these there are numerous small organic and non-organic molecules, dangerous for human health, for productive activities and for the conservation of cultural heritage

BIOSENSOR takes care of the assembly, testing and optimization of miniaturized sensors based on nanostructured materials, which allow a quick, simple and reliable determination of the analytes of interest, in a selective and sensitive way.

The sensors are easily scalable, allowing to monitor with equal precision volumes of a few liters of air and work environments.

An example is the project for the monitoring of cultural heritage

The platform allows the simultaneous measurement of numerous parameters correlated with the degradation of cultural heritage artifacts.

In particular, the platform allows to monitor the degradation of historical films, thus allowing to take timely action to limit or prevent further deterioration.

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