Biosensors for wastewater nitrification process control

The monitoring of toxic chemicals is essential for the proper operation of wastewater treatment plants that use the biological nitrogen removal process.

Toxic chemical compounds such as allylthiourea, phenols, heavy metals, sometimes interfere with the biological treatment process and affect the function and quality of the effluent water and can cause inhibition of the nitrification process.

However, a sewage system administrator can't monitor a huge number of harmful chemical compounds with high frequency.

This situation requires an effective monitoring system

Biosensor has developed Mosaico

Three optical transduction devices for maximum versatility and different applicability in the field, in laboratory and online:

Double cell fluorescent biosensor for static measurements

6 cell fluorescent biosensor for dynamic and online measurements

Single-cell luminescent biosensor for static or dynamic online measurements

The sensors use fluorescent or luminescent bacteria to control the water after nitrifying treatment.

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