Innovative production and multidisciplinary competences for supporting Life Sciences

Biosensor offers technological solutions for industries regarding biosensor and services for water and food monitoring. A documented experience in international patents on algae growth, wastewater treatment using algae, design and development of bioreactors. Biosensor is available as partner in European projects for the development of new technologies.

Multidisciplinary team

Experts in the management of European calls and research projects, highly specialized biologists and chemists, engineers able to design and implement innovative instrumentations.
This team starts with theories and produces instruments never imagined before.

Our team realizes innovative instruments, from theory to reality.

About us

Areas of competence

  • Quantification of pesticide contamination

    Biosensors for the quantification of pesticides in water, food, biological fluids

  • Wastewater nitrification control

    Biosensors for controlling the nitrification process of wastewater

  • Sensors and microalgae growth

    Technologies for the growth of microalgae in bioreactor, for the control of photosynthetic efficiency, for online and laboratory analysis

  • Gas sensors

    Sensors for the rapid measurement of gases of interest in sensitive environments

  • Stretchable electrodes

    Stretchable electrodes from renewable resources for Green Economy

  • Biosensors for health

    Instruments for the measurement of catecholamines in plasma and urine