News & Events
Stands in Fairs
Rieti Innova, l’innovazione al centro 2nd-4th October 2013
Nuce International and Food-Ing International
Milan, Italy - 25th-27th September 2012
Convegno Nazionale Sensori
Innovazione, Attualità e prospettive 15-17 Febbraio 2012
Meetings on Science of Separations
First National Congress of the Italian Network for Research in Biologic Agriculture, RIRAB, “L’agricoltura biologica in risposta alle sfide del futuro”
2nd International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology 2011
Fourth Workshop of the Sensors Group of the Analytical Chemistry Division of the Italian Society of Chemistry
Premio Nazionale per l'Innovazione PIN
Perugia , Italy - 4th Dicember 2009