SMAlgal Sens
SMAlgal Sens
SMAlgal Sens

SMAlgal Sens (System of Measurement for Algae) is a small portable instrument to optically characterize the fluorescence emission and the optical density (correlated to a cell density) of algae culture (e.g Haematococcus pluvialis, Spirulina sp. Chlorella minutissima, etc.). 

It is possible directly to connect the SMAlgal Sens instument to a bioreactor by-pass to monitor the algae culture condition.


The biological material is introduced into a Delrin® tube by a solenoid injection valve; optical sensors allow to measure the fluorescence emitted by green algae chlorophyll and the optical density (OD) of the culture by the means of a light transmission measurement.

The SMAlgal Sens systems can be used for several applications where the quality of some algae species is important (i.e. Haematococcus pluvialis, Spirulina sp. Chlorella minutissima).

All models are equipped with current measurement system, and an electronic control board for data read-out, processing and PC transfer.

Light excitation module is developed according to the needs of the customers.

The instrument is equipped with its own software; self-upgrade by the costumers is possible.