MultiBioPlat is a prototype biosensor platform which combines three types of transduction systems into miniaturized measurement cells: Fluorescence, Amperometric and Conductometric.

The prototype is based on MicroElectrodeArray (MEA) for the amperometric and conductometric detection and an optical module for fluorescence sensing.


MultiBioPlat can work both in static and in dynamic mode; the sample is introduced by peristaltic pumps through a microfluidic module in each measuring cell with a constant flow rate.

Four flow independent cells have been designed to be integrated with their fluidic connections, thus offering a multiple and contemporary test with different biomediators at different bias potentials, as well as simultaneous fluorescence and conductimetry measures. All models are equipped with current measurement system, and an electronic control board for data read-out, processing and PC transfer. Keyboard and display can be used to set-up the parameters.

The fluidic setup and the cells are both made of inert materials to avoid the adsorption of the sample (e.g. Derlin®, Teflon®, glass).

MultiBioPlat is also equipped with an automatic cleaning system.

The module for light excitation is developed according to the needs of the customer.

The instrument is equipped with its own software; self-upgrade by the costumers is possible