Fluo Flux
Fluo Flux

Fluo Flux is a modular biosensor instrument able to grow microorganisms used as biomediators, and to perform fluorescence measurement detecting pesticides in the samples.

Fluo Flux is an automatic system which allows the biological material change and performs the measurement at the same time on line.

The system is made of two devices: a little bioreactor to grow the microorganisms (e.g. algae) and an optical module to perform the fluorescence measurements. The biological material is picked up from the first device and transferred to the second one where it is mixed equally with the sample under examination.

The fluidic setup and the cells are both made of inert materials to avoid the adsorption of the sample (e.g. Derlin®, Teflon®, glass).

The module for light excitation is developed according to the needs of the customer.

The instrument is equipped with its own software; self-upgrade by the costumers is possible