Amp Biosens
Amp Biosens

Amp Biosens is a one cell Amperometric Biosensor based on Screen-printed Electrodes (SPEs) reading responses from a biological mediator which interacts directly with the substance to detect.


The Amp Biosens can work in static and in dynamic mode; the sample is introduced by a peristaltic pump into the flow cell through its fluidic connection. All models are equipped with current measurement system, and an electronic control board for data read-out, processing and PC transfer. Keyboard and display can be used to set-up the parameters.

A version with double cell (Amp Biosens2 ) is also available. The flow independent cells are placed in parallel or in series with their fluidic connections, thus offering a double contemporary test with different biomediators at different bias potentials.

The fluidic setup and the cells are both made of inert materials to avoid the adsorption of the sample (e.g. Derlin®, Teflon®, glass).

If required, an additional specific module for light excitation of photoactive biosamples can be added.

The instrument is equipped with its own software; self-upgrade by the costumers is possible